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Preliminary Ballet introduces the basic movements of ballet with fun age-appropriate exercises and games.


Preliminary Tap introduces the basic movements of tap, focusing on the fun of making rhythms with the feet.


Preliminary Hip Hop introduces the basic movements of hip hop, working with fun rhythms and learning to dance on the beat.


Ballet integrates grace, precision and fluidity and is based on a formalized progression of barre and center floor exercises designed to promote good posture, balance and flexibility with emphasis on proper technical execution and musicality. Ballet is essential to a dancer’s optimal development in all dance disciplines.


Pointe tests the ballet dancer’s strength and technique by moving past demi pointe to a full pointe position on the tips of the toes. While it is a technical achievement, it also conveys a sense of weightlessness that makes a dancer appear to be hovering or flying with an ethereal lightness and delicacy. Requires DTNI approval.


Tap explores the endless possibilities of rhythmic footwork, integrating basic tap concepts with the subtleties of dynamic shadings and the spice of bold, syncopated patterns.


Jazz reflects the diversity of American culture, and is a perfect blend of mind and body founded on a firm technical base. A rich blend of many dance forms, it maintains an established vocabulary while continually integrating newer, popular manifestations, keeping pace with the mood and music of the times. As flexibility, placement, and clean lines are important to jazz proficiency, concurrent enrollment in a DTNI ballet class is required for students in Elemental - Intensive Jazz.


Contemporary reaches outside the strict parameters of classical ballet, exploring new ways to direct energy through space. It often employs contradictions of force - the fluid use of limbs, for instance, in counterpoint to a majestic, often cantilevering torso, striking at once both elegance and force. Open to students enrolled in Transitional - Intensive Ballet, or by DTNI approval.


Hip Hop takes its inspiration from old school street dance, evolving through the breakdancing style of the ‘80s so famous for its exciting floor work, to the contemporary styles of today.


Technique Boot Camp  supplements students' Ballet, Jazz, and/or Contemporary training through concentrated, rigorous work designed to strengthen technical execution across dance disciplines.