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Girls - Ballet, Tap, Jazz


      1 - Leotard

                Preliminary 1           Solid light pink leotard, any style (NO skirt)

                Preliminary 2           Solid lavender leotard, any style (NO skirt)

                Preliminary 3           Solid white leotard, any style (NO skirt)

                Foundational           Solid bold purple leotard, any style (NO skirt)

                Elemental                Solid navy blue leotard, any style (NO skirt)

                Transitional             Solid black leotard, any style (NO skirt)

                Conformational       Solid hunter green leotard, any style (NO skirt)

                Pivotal                     Solid burgundy leotard, any style (NO skirt)

                Intensive                  Any leotard, any style (NO skirt)


      2 - Tights                   Pink footed or convertible tights for all


      3 - Shorts                     Solid black dance shorts for Tap and Jazz                                               (worn over tights and leotard)

                                                 NO shorts or skirts for ballet


      4 - Alignment Belt          White elastic alignment belt for ballet classes at the

                                                 Elemental, Transitional, Conformational, and Pivotal levels




Girls - Pointe

        All Levels                              Any solid color leotard

                                                      Pink footed or convertible tights

                                                      White elastic alignment belt

                                                       No shorts or skirts



Girls - Contemporary

         All Levels                            Any solid color leotard

                                                     Pink convertible tights

                                                     Solid black dance shorts



Girls - Hip Hop

      All except Teen level              Solid white top

                                                      Solid black shorts or pants



Girls - Technique Boot Camp

                                                   Any solid color leotard

                                                      Pink convertible tights optional

                                                      Solid black dance shorts optional


Boys - All Disciplines

      All except Teen level              Solid white short-sleeved t-shirt or tank

                                                      Solid black shorts (or pants for hip hop)



      Jazz                                       Comfortable, form-fitting dance/athletic clothing

                                                      Leotard and dance shorts recommended


         Hip Hop                              Comfortable clothing that’s easy to move in

                                                      No jeans, sweatshirts, jackets, or overly baggy clothing